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Many tenants conduct their own lease renewal negotiations directly with the landlord’s leasing agents when their lease is nearing expiration. Having a dedicated tenant advisor on your side can give you the negotiating leverage needed to get the best renewal deal. Read this article to find out why.  

We all know staff turnover is part of running a company or a large department— it comes with the territory. But we also know employees stay at a company for reasons other than money. Continued training, advancement opportunities, the mission of the firm, coworker relationships, and the vibe/culture of your company are all part of their decision matrix. So, what are the magic ingredients that help retain your employees?

There continues to be a significant amount of sublease space available for office space users in many markets. Industrial and retail occupiers generally have less options. While subleases can be attractive financially, let’s not forget there are some potential pitfalls to consider before you sign.

Going into 2023, worldwide economic conditions are starting to show signs of improvement and inflation may have peaked, but it’s too early to confirm that. If overall economic conditions improve in 2023, historically that would mean office space absorption would increase and rental rates would also increase, however, we don’t think that is going to be the case this time.

Garry Adams of Capital Realty represented Owney in the strategic planning, market evaluation, site selection and lease negotiations for the 3,300 square foot flagship location. 

ITRA Global, one of the largest organizations dedicated to representing tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate, is pleased to announce its 2023 Board of Directors. The Board was elected during their last annual conference.

Regardless of business type, there are a couple of lease clauses that can provide a business with added flexibility during the lease term:

How a supply chain link kink is saving you money and filling up warehouse space.

When it comes to commercial real estate leases, purchases and sales, businesses should retain a dedicated corporate real estate advisor to ensure their interests are protected and their objectives are achieved. Why? We have five good reasons:

Over the past 13 years, building values have continued to increase worldwide. While the increase was caused by many factors that include increasing rental rates and the cost of construction, one undeniable factor in the equation has been extremely low interest rates.